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Deciding Whether to Rent a House or a Condo

One of the biggest decisions to make as a tenant is whether to rent a house or a condo. Each style has benefits and drawbacks, including price, privacy, amenities, and location. All these factors should be taken into consideration when deciding which housing type will better suit your needs. Continue reading “Deciding Whether to Rent a House or a Condo”

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Trick or Treat: What would you do if you found out your house was haunted?

Moving can be an exciting experience unless, you come to find out your new home is haunted. According to a recent survey by Toluna Research, 1 in 5 people across the United States claim to have lived in a haunted house. Would you move into a home knowing it was haunted? Continue reading “Trick or Treat: What would you do if you found out your house was haunted?”

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Tips to Modernize Your Outdated Rental

Renting is currently on the rise and many landlords are making affordable changes to their investments to make them more desirable. Ryntal has some tips for those who want to modernize their homes and increase their rental income and properties value. Continue reading “Tips to Modernize Your Outdated Rental”

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Tips for Buying A Rental Property

A recent study revealed that real estate is now American’s favorite long-term investment. With historically low interest rates, and millennial’s desire to rent instead of own, income properties have quickly become a popular venture. If approached in a business-like way, rental properties can be an excellent investment. Here are some tips to consider when making the decision to become a landlord.  Continue reading “Tips for Buying A Rental Property”


Should Floridians be worried about the news of an upcoming recession?

According to the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Economic Forecasting Director Sean Snaith, the economy in the state of Florida will grow faster than the U.S. Economy for at least the next three years. Continue reading “Should Floridians be worried about the news of an upcoming recession?”


Which A/C Fan Setting Cost More, “On” or “Auto”?

Have you ever wondered which fan setting is the best, and most efficient on your thermostat? A common misconception is that leaving the thermostat fan set to “on” uses less electricity. However, Florida Power and Light professionals explain “auto” is the more energy efficient option. Continue reading “Which A/C Fan Setting Cost More, “On” or “Auto”?”