Floridians Take Back the Welcome Mat

Will native Floridians be able to stay in Florida or will they be forced to leave, due to Northerners moving to Florida?

While it is no surprise why the northerners have chosen to migrate to the Sunshine State with the beautiful year-round weather, taxes, and amenities, the influx of out of state buyers has put a lot of pressure on the housing market, making finding a home harder than ever for native Floridians. Many Floridians are getting priced out of the market forcing them to either move within the state to more affordable areas or leaving the state entirely.

Studies show that over 300,000 people moved to Florida between 2020 and 2021, causing real estate prices to soar to record highs in some areas, making many homes unaffordable for natives. In Palm Beach County, the median sale price of homes increased an astronomical 19% to $535,000, with Broward County and Miami- Dade County also experiencing a 19% increase in their median home sale price. Floridians are remaining strong, with 60% of the natives claiming that they are not phased by the influx in out of staters, however they are having to adjust by relocating to more affordable areas.  There are little signs of slowdown on the horizon, as experts are projecting another two years of real estate demand before the market starts to level out.