Florida will keep growing – But at what rate?

Economists estimating Florida’s demographics and growth have now lowered their numbers and predict by April 2027 a growth of 1.29%- a drop from their earlier 1.41%. 

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Florida Becomes Focus For Out-of-State Movers

According to Coldwell Banker, most Americans are moving to Florida, and natives aren’t searching much further. Continue reading “Florida Becomes Focus For Out-of-State Movers”

Competition for Single-Family Homes

In an already tense housing market, investors have made up an estimated 16%-27% of single-family home purchases. Why Single-family homes? Why now? Continue reading “Competition for Single-Family Homes”

Record Growth in Single-Family Rents

The U.S. single-family rent rose 11.5%, the fastest year-over-year growth seen in over a decade. Will the nationwide rent growth continue? Continue reading “Record Growth in Single-Family Rents”

Tips for Buying A Rental Property

A recent study revealed that real estate is now American’s favorite long-term investment. With historically low interest rates, and millennial’s desire to rent instead of own, income properties have quickly become a popular venture. If approached in a business-like way, rental properties can be an excellent investment. Here are some tips to consider when making the decision to become a landlord.  Continue reading “Tips for Buying A Rental Property”