Florida will keep growing – But at what rate?

Economists estimating Florida’s demographics and growth have now lowered their numbers and predict by April 2027 a growth of 1.29%- a drop from their earlier 1.41%. 

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Florida Becomes Focus For Out-of-State Movers

According to Coldwell Banker, most Americans are moving to Florida, and natives aren’t searching much further. Continue reading “Florida Becomes Focus For Out-of-State Movers”

Record Growth in Single-Family Rents

The U.S. single-family rent rose 11.5%, the fastest year-over-year growth seen in over a decade. Will the nationwide rent growth continue? Continue reading “Record Growth in Single-Family Rents”

Diversifying Your Real Estate Portfolio

Diversifying your investment portfolio is important for several reasons, including the potential to increase income and prevent any one source of loss from ruining you as an investor.   Continue reading “Diversifying Your Real Estate Portfolio”

“Build for Rent” Trend is Hitting Florida

A surge in new home development across the U.S. has developers and investors looking to cash in on the trend of “Build for Rent” housing. Continue reading ““Build for Rent” Trend is Hitting Florida”

Opportunities for Investors Amidst The Coronavirus

There may be opportunities for investors in the housing market during the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading “Opportunities for Investors Amidst The Coronavirus”

Hiring A Property Management Company

When does an investor know that it is time to hire a property management company? Timing is key when looking for a property management company. Whether you have a growing portfolio, the distance between properties is too great, or there are too many tasks for you to handle alone. Continue reading “Hiring A Property Management Company”

Is Real Estate Still A Good Investment?

Uncertainty has overwhelmed many markets with the outburst of headlines surrounding the coronavirus outbreaks and its global impact. Investors may start to ask themselves if real estate is still a good investment as in the past real estate has always been viewed as the best and safest place to invest and make money. Surprisingly, throughout the years, the housing market has always proved to be a good place to invest during time of crisis, but the question becomes what the best real estate investments during these times are.   Continue reading “Is Real Estate Still A Good Investment?”

Investors are Making More Online Real Estate Purchases

Investors focus primarily on potential profit when purchasing single family home investments, resulting in more online purchases without actually viewing the property. This trend will most likely continue to grow with the convenience of online shopping becoming more and more prevalent. Continue reading “Investors are Making More Online Real Estate Purchases”

How to Choose the Most Cost-Efficient Options When Renovating a Rental Property

Remodeling your rental property could attract new renters and keep current renters in place. When considering upgrades, you’ll want to invest in the right materials. Below is a list of common upgrades that are worthwhile in terms of cost and return on investment, in addition to the amount of work that is required. Continue reading “How to Choose the Most Cost-Efficient Options When Renovating a Rental Property”