Competition for Single-Family Homes

In an already tense housing market, investors have made up an estimated 16%-27% of single-family home purchases. Why Single-family homes? Why now?  During the last quarter of 2021, 18.4% of homes purchased nationwide were by investors. In South Florida, investors accounted for 16%-27% of homes sold. Fort Lauderdale had a 44% increase in the number of  homes sold to investors, in comparison to the prior year, and Miami experienced a whopping 56.4% increase as well. A great majority of the properties that are being sold are single-family homes due to the availability and the increased interest from consumers. While many believe that it may not be a good time to invest in real estate given the current market, analysts believe differently. Stating it is, in fact, an ideal time due to the housing shortage and consistent inflation. These factors also allow for rental prices to be increased at a faster rate and allow for a profitable return. In order for investors to receive the greatest return, it is required to stay current with the latest market trends, pricing, operating systems, and administrative functions. Ryntal focuses on keeping investment properties at peak profitable levels in the ever-evolving market using the latest systems. Call us today for a market analysis on your investment property.