Is Real Estate Still A Good Investment?

Uncertainty has overwhelmed many markets with the outburst of headlines surrounding the coronavirus outbreaks and its global impact. Investors may start to ask themselves if real estate is still a good investment as in the past real estate has always been viewed as the best and safest place to invest and make money. Surprisingly, throughout the years, the housing market has always proved to be a good place to invest during time of crisis, but the question becomes what the best real estate investments during these times are.  

Residential Real Estate

Purchasing a traditional rental property remains the best type of real estate investments as it is one of the oldest ways to invest in real estate and one of the most profitable over the years. It is unlikely that COVID-19 will have a long-lasting effect on residential real estate investing, as people who can’t afford to buy homes will always need a place to live. And because people will always need a place to live, the demand has and will continue to increase over the years.

Cash Flow

Long term real estate rentals provide investors with a predictable and stable income every month, making it one of the best investments for cash flow. Positive cash flow is so important as the properties have the potential to pay for themselves. Purchasing an investment property in a desired location, where you can find good, long term tenants, reduces the risks association with investing and has the potential to help grow your investment portfolio.


Owning a residential rental property, allows for the investors that do not want to be hands on more flexibility by hiring a property management company such as Ryntal Property Management. Not only does Ryntal handle the day to day responsibilities of a landlord, but our knowledgeable staff know how to increase the profitability and return on your investment.