Hiring A Property Management Company

When does an investor know that it is time to hire a property management company? Timing is key when looking for a property management company. Whether you have a growing portfolio, the distance between properties is too great, or there are too many tasks for you to handle alone.

Know What to Look For

Make sure the property management company has good reviews, is professional and friendly, and they use update efficient software. Some important things to look at are how long the company has been in business and the size of the company. Additionally, how many properties and owners does the company represent. Vacancy rates, occupancy rates, and the average length of tenancy are also very important factors to look at.

How to Choose the Right Company

Be diligent when choosing a property management company. Understand the services offered, and what fees are associated with the services. Make sure the company’s licensing is current and confirm their insurance policies. See how responsive the company is when you call and email. Take the time to review not only the management agreements, but the leases as well. Look into their marketing materials to confirm the company has clear photos, well written ads, and how many sites are they advertising on. Most importantly, ask questions.

If you are looking for a property management company to help manage your investment portfolio, Ryntal Property Management can help! We recognize that there are many companies and options available to you for the management of your property. As you evaluate each of the possibilities, we would be honored to be the first resource you consider to manage your property. Ryntal Property Management strives to combine some of the most talented, experienced, people