How to Move Safely in the Era of Coronavirus

Moving is already stressful; from movers, to cleaners, to security deposits, the pandemic has only increased this stress. With 32% of Americans not making a full, on time housing payment in July according to Apartment List, many are looking to relocate. Beyond money, proximity to loved ones, densely populated areas, etc. have pushed people to make the move in these interesting times.


Moving can already be expensive, but plan for extra costs due to the pandemic. Heavy duty supplies may be needed to sanitize your old space, or your new home. Professional cleaners may be needed depending on your landlord. If your move is across state lines, check in on possible quarantine requirements. As well, if you are receiving unemployment, check into how that will transfer between states. If you are unemployed or receiving unemployment benefits, you may qualify for moving assistance, visit the State Department of Labor website for more information.


This may all depend on whether you are hiring movers or moving yourself. If you are moving by yourself and renting a moving truck, companies like U-Haul are offering contactless pickup and drop off options. When choosing a moving company, investigate their safety practices and protocols established in response to the pandemic. On moving day, plan to limit interaction with any movers, you can have them start in a particular room while you finish packing in the other or begin cleaning. An alternative to hiring a moving company is to use a self-pack moving container, as this will reduce the amount to face to face interactions related to moving.

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