Moving During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Pandemic or not, moving is never easy. With more restrictions and new guidelines, many may attempt to reschedule their move, but for some delaying their move in is not an option. We suggest taking these things into consideration while in the process of relocating during these difficult times.

Virtual Tours

If the option to delay a move is not available, take precautions when searching for a new home. Continue to practice social distancing guidelines by asking the agent to allow you to look around the home at a distance. Write any questions you have down and call after the tour or send an email to the agent with your questions. Many property management companies are also, offering virtual tours, or 3D tours that allow you to view the property and floor plans.


Moving is expensive, so before you decide to make the big move, ensure that you have reviewed and understand your financial situation. It’s important to understand if the coronavirus will affect your employment in any way, as this is an important factor when determining your budget.  While looking for a new property, don’t be afraid to ask for move in specials or current deals as there are many management companies offering specials during this difficult time.

Remove Clutter

Before you move, go through your belongings, and get rid of anything you do not want. Consider donating any items that you are parting with, but first call donation centers and ask about their no-contact drop-off options. As a precaution, invest in new cardboard boxes. While health experts do not view the risk of transmission via boxes, testing shows that it can last on cardboard for 24 hours.