Sarasota’s Beaches Re-Open!

Sarasota County beaches reopen today for essential activities, but don’t grab your beach chair just yet!

 Beaches Open Today

Siesta Key Beach is one of few beaches that will be reopened to the public starting today, Monday, April 27th. The beaches will be open to the public only for activities deemed essential such as swimming, fishing, exercise, and surfing. Beachgoers must still follow social distancing guidelines and items such as chairs, umbrellas and coolers will not be permitted.

Less Parking Than Usual

While the beaches will be open to the public, the parking lots will remain closed. This action will help to deter too many people from coming to the beach at the same time or staying for long periods of time. Soon Commissioners will consider opening lots to partial capacity so those who do not live on the key may still access the beach.

Mental Health vs Physical Health

Many residents are in favor of reopening beaches to help improve resident’s mental health and the economy for businesses near the beach. Other residents are cautious and feel opening the beaches too soon will create a false sense of security and this may cause an influx in Covid-19 cases. For this reason, it is imperative that everyone continues to practice social distancing and soon the beaches will reopen for good.

Commissioners will revisit parking and other restrictions at their next meeting, May 6. In the meantime, continue to be safe and look out for one another as you head to beach this week!