Renting with Pets

Looking for a new place to call home can be difficult, and for those with pets the search can become even more challenging. Renters may incur breed restrictions and additional fees while searching for a pet friendly rental making it even more important to know everything up front. Ryntal Property Management has complied a few tips to keep in mind if for renters that have a pet or are planning on adopting one.

Search For Pet Friendly Properties

When starting your search for a new rental, be sure and look for pet friendly properties. Most rental websites will allow you to filter your search for pet friendly properties to help eliminate the units that do not allow pets. Given there are over 70 million pet parents across the U.S., many landlords are becoming pet friendly and a lot of communities now offer amenities for pets such as dogs parks. If you are currently renting, make sure you confirm with the landlord or management company that they allow pets before bringing a pet into the property to avoid any fines or a possible eviction.

Pet Information

Providing all the necessary information about your pet such as, breed, weight, and age upfront will help avoid any issue in the future. Vaccination history and any training certificates are usually not required but helps to have them ready if you are asked for to provide such documents. References from previous landlords can also help with renting with a pet.

Pet Proofing

Pet proofing your apartment can help prevent any damages to the property. Investing in a pet gate or crate can be very valuable. Along with keeping their food and water bowls in an easy to clean area. It’s also important to be a good pet neighbor by always having your pet on a leash, picking up after your pet, and trying to keep noises to a minimum.

Remember, when in doubt, it’s better to ask the landlord or management company any questions you may have about your furry friends. Ryntal Property Management has many pet friendly properties available. For more information on our pet policies contact us today!