What is America’s favorite Long-Term Investment?

Bankrate conducted a nationwide survey to see what America’s favorite long-term investment this year was. The survey was broken down into four income groups and amongst all income groups, real estate reigned supreme.

Real Estate

Despite the housing crash scares, nearly 31% of survey responders claimed real estate to be their favorite investment for money they wouldn’t need for 10 or more years. This is different from last year’s reigning choice of stocks which has fallen to 20% this year. One of the most interesting finds from the survey showed that millennials scored the highest across all age groups who prefer real estate as a long-term investment choice of 36%. Generation X at 31%, Baby Boomers at 30% and the silent generation at 23%.

Other Investments

Stocks and Bonds have always been a popular choice for investors. Also, Bitcoin is growing and starting to make headlines as an investment strategy amongst U.S. residents. Some other long-term investment strategies that made the list are: Gold 19%, metals 11%, bonds 5%, and bitcoin 4%.

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