The Perfect Place to Start a Small Business

Based on a recent study done by Verizon, Sarasota is the second-best small city to start a small business in the United States.


Verizon researched many different small cities, looking at the climate, education, population, and income. After those considerations Florida made up 30% of the top 10 best small cities to start a small business. Additionally, Florida was nearly half of the top 50 small cities. Out of 300 small cities, Sarasota ranked second on the list.

Sarasota’s Advantage

So, what makes Sarasota so special? Besides the perfect weather and idyllic beaches, Sarasota has a very fresh and creative atmosphere. Sarasota also has a rich and tourist fueled economy that helps draw in residents and snowbirds from other areas. The unique artist scene of Sarasota helps bring in younger entrepreneurs. Compared to other Floridan ranked cities, Sarasota has a much shorter commute time for its’ residents. Many of these things give Sarasota an edge compared to other small cities in the United States.

With such a diverse population and many creative routes to explore, Sarasota is the perfect place to start your new business.