Landlords’ Right of Entry

There is often a fine line between a tenant right to privacy and the landlords right to access their property. It is wise to familiarize yourself with Landlords’ right of entry laws.

Common Reasons for Entry

There are four common reasons why a landlord would need to enter a property, inspections, maintenance repairs, showings, and emergencies. Three of the four most common reasons require a notice, with emergencies being the exception. It is in the best interest of both the landlord and the tenant to provide notice for tenant requested maintenance, although it is not always required. Notices prevent avoidable situations, such as a loose pet in the property, and create a respectful relationship between the tenant and landlord.

Florida Notice Requirements

In the state of Florida landlords are required to give at least a 12-hour notice for maintenance repairs, showings, and inspections. Notices to enter, can be made by telephone, hand-delivery, electronically, or by posting notice at the property. In the event of an emergency, water leaks, flooding, fire, or plumbing backups, the landlord has an immediate right of entry to protect the property.

Ryntal Inspections

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