Maintenance & Inspections

Ryntal Property Management’s proactive property management approach includes regular, documented, inspections of your property at no additional charge. This is part of our full service management.

  • Move-In Inspection – A Move-In inspection is performed when the new tenants take possession of the property.  Known issues are documented in our online integrated system so we can easily refer to them in the future.
  • Periodic Inspections – We perform Periodic Inspections of the property during tenancy to monitor conditions at the property and identify possible issues.  We document the periodic inspections of the property using our online system.  Our team will notify you of any areas of concern which allows as much time as possible to address the identified maintenance item.  If a problem is the result of the tenant’s action or lack of action, we work with them to resolve the matter.
  • Move-Out Inspection – At the end of the tenants lease, our team will perform a final Move-Out Inspection to document the condition of the property after the tenant’s possessions are removed.  The Move-Out Inspection will document maintenance requirements to prepare the property for a new tenant and note those items considered normal wear and tear and those requiring use of the tenants security deposit.

Ryntal Property Management can also assist with maintaining your property.  We employ experienced maintenance and cleaning staff that can address many of the routine maintenance and cleaning requirements associated with your property and our employees are insured.  For specialized services, we have aligned ourselves with a team of licensed, insured, skilled trades’ subcontractors that offer quality services at preferred pricing.

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