Tenant Screening & Placement

Qualifying prospective tenants can be time consuming and difficult.  Where do you go to get up-to-date information on their credit, criminal, and eviction history?  How do you verify income information to ensure they have the ability to pay their rent?  How do you contact prior landlords to ensure they paid their rent on time, followed the rules, and took good care of the property?  These are just a few examples of what Ryntal Property Management will take care of for you!  When you choose Ryntal Property Management as your real estate partner we will:

  • Qualify prospective tenants using a Nationally recognized independent third party service provider at no cost to you;
  • Scrutinize prior landlord history;
  • Verify employment and other sources of income;
  • Obtain additional security when appropriate including a larger security deposit or well qualified guarantor;
  • Check criminal history at the Federal, State and Local levels; and
  • Ensure compliance with Fair Housing regulations.

Once prospective tenants are qualified, our professional leasing team will ensure all appropriate lease documents are completed in accordance with the Florida Statutes including, if applicable, all association paperwork.  The new tenants are given everything they need to get started in their new home.

Our staff of trained professionals are available to answer any questions the tenants or you have about the property.

If you would like to learn more about our services and how we can assist you with investing in income producing and wealth creating real estate, please give us a call or click on Request a FREE Quote.

With Ryntal Property Management, You Invest and We will do the Rest!

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