Are Businesses at Risk If They Reopen

Companies are looking towards Congress to protect them from potential lawsuits if customers or employees become infected when they reopen.


Now that businesses are starting to reopen, they want to ensure that they are protected from potential lawsuits if any of their employees or customers become infected by the coronavirus. These businesses are strongly pushing Congress to help protect against these potential lawsuits. President Trump’s top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, believes that businesses should not be held liable and that most of the lawsuits would be thrown out in court.


Major companies such as Walmart, Amazon and the cruise industry are already facing a slew of accusations, stating that these companies are not doing enough to protect both employees and customers. Ultimately, there has to be balance, rules and regulations need to be set to minimize lawsuits and business suffering financially, as well as protecting customers and workers who may not have the option of leaving their jobs for something safer. To reduce the risk of legal liability, companies must take all the necessary precautions to decrease the possibility of the virus spreading.

There has been no evidence so far of any protection for those businesses deciding to reopen during this pandemic. However, it would be extremely difficult to link one’s illness to a specific company.