Saving Electricity During the Cooler Months

Thankfully in the Sunshine State we only experience a couple weeks of winter, but with temperatures expected to drop next week many of us will be turning the heat on for the first time this winter. It is very common to see an increase in the electric bill during these cold spells. Ryntal Property Management has complied a list of strategies that will help you save energy and save money, while staying warm and cozy.

Using Sunlight to Your Advantage

When the sun is shining directly into a window, it can feel quite warm. Open as many blinds and curtains as you can during the day to allow the warmth and sunlight heat your home. As the sun goes down, be sure and lower the blinds to retain as much heat as possible.

LED Light bulbs

LED light bulbs use about 20% of the energy normal incandescent bulbs use. Switching to LED light bulbs will save you money, especially during the months when the days are shorter and the use of artificial lighting increases.

Set Ceiling Fans to “Winter” Mode

Running the ceiling fan clockwise during these cold spells can make a room feel warmer. Switching to clockwise, will pull air upwards in the middle of the room, pushing the hot air at the top of the room to the sides and down the walls. This method doesn’t use much energy, and can raise the floor level temperature as much as five degrees.

Warm Clothes and Blankets

Take advantage of the cooler weather by wearing those sweaters and long pants that don’t get much use throughout the year. Layering your clothes will keep you feeling warmer at home, and prevent raising the temperature on the thermostat. Blankets are a quick fix as well, that will keep you warm and feeling cozy.