If You Think We Are Crowded Now, Wait 25 Years

A recent study estimated Manatee-Sarasota’s population to Grow 50% in 25 Years.

Projected Growth

The University of Florida conducted a new study that estimated a 50% growth in population by 2045 across the Manatee-Sarasota area. If this study is accurate, this would be a gain of more than half a million people in the next 25 years. Predictions show the most growth in Manatee County, estimating 200,000 new residents. This would bring the counties population up to 550,800, surpassing Sarasota County population by 2045. According to the Florida Department of Transportation, visitors are on the rise as well, and are expected to double by 2035 to more that 2.1 million vacationers annually.

Are We Ready For The Growth

The Manatee/Sarasota Metropolitan Planning Organization is preparing for the projected growth by analyzing transportation zones and looking for alternative ways to find relief in the projected growth zones. Eliminating congestion is not a foreseeable solution, although more electric vehicles, expanding public transportation, and with technology growing at such a fast pace today, there may be some unanticipated solutions in the future.