Easy Ways To Improve Your Living Room While Renting

It is natural to want to make changes and make your rental feel like home, but with our busy lives and the expenses that can incur we often avoid decorating. Here are some inexpensive and quick ways to revamp your living space.

Rearrange Layout of Rooms

Rearranging the layout of your living room is one the easiest and cheapest ways to revamp a room. Test a few layouts, find one that feels both spacious and cozy.

Repaint Your Furniture

You can make a piece of furniture look brand new by adding a fresh coat of paint. There are many DIY websites and blogs that show different methods and materials and break it down, step by step.

Give Your Wall Art A Face Lift

If you don’t have a photo or art arrangement on your wall, get creative! It can be inexpensive, all you need is a few frames, book pages, dried flowers, and photos. Don’t want to purchase new frames, repaint your old ones!


Decluttering a room can make a big impact. It can open up a tight and cramped living room making it look brighter and cleaner.

Add Houseplants To Your Living Space

Houseplants will make your living space feel more bright and lively. Not to mention, they will purify the air in the living space. But keep in mind some plants are toxic, so watch those furry friends and small children.