Ways to Extend the Life of Your Garbage Disposal

For many, this time of the year can be very busy preparing to have family and friends over for the holidays. Ryntal Property Management brings you some efficient tips to help keep your garbage disposal running smoothly during the holiday season.

Always add waste slowly and use hot water while grinding food in the garbage disposal. This will avoid having problems with grease and clogs that can stick to the sides of the disposal and the pipes underneath the sink. You should never dump grease, bones or hard foods down the drain. A common issue can be broken blades due to having large bones or shells from nuts in the garbage disposal.

While cooking vegetables is easy to place the pealed skin into the disposal, but adding fibrous fruits or vegetables is a usual mistake. We recommend putting these items into the trash to avoid ruining your sink drain. Also, always be aware while washing fruits that the paper labels does not go down the drain and get wrapped around the blade, this will wear down the effectiveness of the disposal.

Keep any food that tends to expand away from your sink, like instant potatoes, pasta or rice. When these food items absorb water and expand, it can create a large, sticky substance that can cause clogs, and is difficult to remove. Use your garbage disposal at least twice a week. The frequent use will keep it lubricated.

These are very easy and effective tips to follow that can prevent you from calling the plumber and minimize the maintenance needed.