Tips to Modernize Your Outdated Rental

Renting is currently on the rise and many landlords are making affordable changes to their investments to make them more desirable. Ryntal has some tips for those who want to modernize their homes and increase their rental income and properties value.

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel appliances give the appearance of a modern, upgraded kitchen, making it more appealing to renters. While the functionality of a white stove and a stainless steel is generally the same, often units with stainless steel are rented out for higher monthly rent.

Add New Kitchen and Bathroom Hardware

Refacing the cabinets, adding a new stylish mirror and updating the hardware to stainless steel can give prospective tenants a feeling of luxury, making it more desirable without the expensive updates.

Pet Friendly

This is some of the best advice we can give investors; make your rental property pet friendly. According to the American Veterinary Association, 50% of renters have pets. Charging a pet fee is perfectly acceptable and will attract the most reasonable pet-owning tenants.

Energy Efficient

There are dozens of ways to increase your homes energy efficiency, including smart thermostats, energy efficient light bulbs and windows. This will make your home eco-friendlier and more desirable to renters paying the monthly utility bills.

Online Rent Pay

Whether it’s through Paypal or Venmo or if you have property manager such as Ryntal, paying rent online is the way to go. Simplifying rent payments is not only convenient for the tenants but can help prevent late payments, and bounce checks.

 These minor and affordable modernization efforts will help your rental yield its top dollar. Hiring a property management company, such as Ryntal, can help with all aspects of an investment property, from determining the upgrades with the highest return on investment, to ensuring the tenants are maintaining those upgrades and taking care of the property with our routine inspections. For more information about all of the services Ryntal Property Management has to offer please call, (941) 343-4526, option 106.